Embrace Peat Free Compost

The decision to go peat free was a no-brainer from the outset of starting up Lovegroves nursery. Peat free composts have come a long way in the last few years so we saw no reason why they should not perform well.

We set out to find a consistent product, one that held its structure and one that had the ability to retain water in a way that suited our outdoor production as well as young plants in the polytunnel. We carefully trialled a selection of peat free composts on different shrubs before concluding on our current mix, which delivers both the quality and consistency needed to ensure that our plants perform well.

We are not alone in our thoughts; RHS scientists have concluded, in their assessment of the performance of different materials in potting compost, that plants can thrive in a wide range of material mixtures, including peat-free. For more RHS advice on peat free media and their trial results click here.

There are very few plants that actually require peat as a growing medium so, here are Lovegroves, we think it is worth paying that little bit extra for a more sustainable peat free compost. If you are still not convinced here’s four more great reasons to go peat free:

·         Peatbogs are one of our rarest and most vulnerable habitats, many have already been lost.

·         Peatlands contain one of the world’s most important carbon stores.

·         Peatlands are important water stores, holding about 10% of global freshwater.

·         Peat takes so long to form it simply cannot be regarded as a sustainable material.

You can read more on the ethics of using peat here and about embracing peat free compost here.